SourceConnect AddOn+

Less is more. Intuitive feature expediates the sourcing process.

PrintSites Source Connect Addon

Did You Know?

According to a Reuters online survey, workers spend approximately 3.2 hours constructing and reading work emails.

PrintSites SourceConnect AddOn+

The less time you have to spend sending emails to your fulfillment providers, the better off you are. Once a product(s) have been assigned to your preferred sources, you no longer have to play the role of the “middle-man!” An email containing all vital information of that customer’s project is sent to that source. Your source will receive one email that includes links: print ready file(s), a PDF of the job ticket, and one-time secure link that will allow the source to update the job status on your behalf that can also be viewed from your production queue.  


The key feature about SourceConnect is there are no interruptions to you or your customer’s business. All job status notifications are automatically sent from your Storefront.  Shipping rates are calculated from the pre-determined shipping locale. Customers will think you have completed the order from start to end. This is just another way in which PrintSites strives to streamline your eCommerce experience!

Here are the list of links that are included in the email your Source provider receives when an order is placed:

  • Print ready file(s).
  • PDF of the job ready ticket with all the order details.
  • A secure single use job link, that will allow your source to update the project’s production status.

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