CustomerPortals AddOn+

Taking your power of print to the next level.

PrintSites Customer Portals

Did You Know?

You can have multiple customer portals attached to your PrintSites Storefront

PrintSites CustomerPortals AddOn+

Enhance customers relationships by having a unique streamlined ordering experience that is accessible 24/7. Create a private, secure website that enables your customers to purchase their marketing collateral that is secure, hosted, and priced specifically for them. As an extension of your existing storefront, all orders placed on your customers’ portals are shown within your PrintSites Storefront’s production queue. A customer portal gives your customers direct access to their marketing collateral anytime, which gives them a greater sense of involvement, ownership, and brand control – solidifying your printing and business relationship.

Perfect for any type of business large or small:

Real EstateInsuranceRestaurants
LandscapingEmployment ServicesComputers & Technology

Benefits to offering Customer Portals to your customers:

  • Controlled access for both Portal Managers and End-Users.
  • Special pricing, automatic tax calculations, shipping, and alternative payment options are available.
  • Branded specifically for your customers business.
  • Hosted marketing collateral, accessible to your customers 24/7.
  • Ordering print becomes more efficient for both you and your portal customers.

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