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Did You Know?

Creating a NewsRoom is an inexpensive way to control content, enhance SEO and build assurance amongst your potential customers.

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PrintSites NewsRoom AddOn+


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It takes a fraction of a minute for a potential customer to decide whether or not to do business with you. To overcome the case of “load and bounce,” you must engage your visitors with your content.


A successful NewsRoom requires two key things: strategy and commitment. More and more companies are utilizing a newsroom/blog to keep their customers in the know. Sharing information about your business, product offerings, events, and industry related materials builds your business credibility and overall reputation both on and offline.  


By creating a NewsRoom, you will transform your static website into a living, active site that attracts search engines that seek fresh, new relevant content. Each post will provide an opportunity to build an audience that you would not have reached otherwise. 


Here are some best practices when creating a NewsRoom:

  • Switch it up. Focusing on one specific thing all the time becomes stagnant to readers.
  • Keep a casual-tone. It’s ok to be personable, humorous, and light-hearted, and still create engaging content.
  • Connect to the facts. Use outbound links to resources that allows validity.
  • Relish in your accomplishments. Share with your visitors any PR mentions, awards, and community acts.
  • Keep it fresh. Create a schedule that doesn’t overwhelm you, but allows you adequate time to post about different subject matters on a consistent basis.
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