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Did You Know?

An eMarketer report finds 38% of online shoppers say they have made their purchasing decision based on an experience with a Live Chat support representative.

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PrintSites Interact AddOn+


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Customers that visit your site have big expectations – no matter the size of your organization. PrintSites Interact is a hosted and staffed Live Chat support service with one goal: Help convert visitors on your website into loyal paying customers.


Simply put, Live Chat works. Enabling PrintSites Interact AddOn gives you access to our highly-trained, Michigan based Live Chat success team. Our Customer Success Team handles over 4,600 customer engagements a month, driving average conversion rates to 15%, yielding a significant impact on sales. 


Be confident knowing that your customers are a click away from a team of courteous, industry-trained experts, who are there to answer questions about our designer, uploader, preflighter, supported file types and more, direct from your storefront. Bottom line: PrintSites offers quick, polite service turning each customer experience into a memorable one. 


Reasons to AddOn PrintSites Interact:

  • We know our stuff! We’ve been supporting our select enterprise clients Live Chat customer engagements for more than 2 1/2 years.
  • Our customer success team knows our platform inside and out.
  • When we are open, Chat is open! We convert visitors to loyal paying customers from 8am-9pm EST Monday-Friday! (Excluding nationally recognized holidays)
  • Simply having live chat on your site builds consumer trust.
  • After hours and weekends, customers still have the chance to leave us a message for a quick follow up the next business day.
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