Frequently Asked Questions

Are all orders print-ready when I receive them?

Submitted orders are pre-flighted PDFs that are proofed, approved by the client and ready for imposition.

Can I get help setting up my website?

You’ll find that setting up your website using the tools provided by PrintSites is easy and intuitive. PrintSites also provides website set-up assistance through live chat, email or by calling our Help Desk.

Do I need a new URL?

No, you can choose to keep your current URL and replace your existing website with your new PrintSites ecommerce site.

Is my website secure?

PrintSites is PCI/DSS Compliant and uses state-of-the-art security technology, which prohibitsunauthorized access of your site.

Does PrintSites have end-user pre-flighting ability?

Yes. We make it easy for customers to upload their documents to be inspected for common output issues in order to receive a professionally printed product.

Does PrintSites support multiple finishing options?

Yes. Through your Admin interface, you can set up multiple paper selections and finishing options, customizing them according to your capabilities.

Can PrintSites work with digital output devices?

Yes. PrintSites files are print-ready PDFs and will accommodate the requirements of most any digital or offset press.

Can I add custom papers or substrates with their respective weights to my site?

Yes. You can add custom paper stocks and substrates along with their respective weights to your PrintSites website. This level of flexibility all you to provide the products and services that best meet your printing capabilities and market requirements.

Can I control shipping methods and dates?

Yes. You can utilize the shipping services that best meet your own market requirements.

If I have custom templates can I add these to my site?

Yes. Customized, unique or specialized templates can be created and published to your PrintSites through the design studio.

How are products and pricing set-up and managed in my site?

PrintSites has done most of the heavy lifting for you. The site comes preconfigured with products, paper stocks /substrate, sizes and pricing (etc.) already in place when it launches for the first time.  Then its up to you to tweak the site to meet product offering. This is also easy given the flexible nature of the component driven pricing engine.

Can I track my customer transactions?

All transactions and other customer related data will be available in a comprehensive, password-protected Admin section.

How do my customers pay?

All ecommerce orders are transacted through a SSL, PCI Compliant secure process.

What if my customer needs help?

PrintSites has technical assistance available to help you troubleshoot and resolve challenges your customers are experiencing with our services. This support is available to PrintSites customers Monday-Friday 8am-9pm EST.  We can be reached via live chat, telephone and email.

Can my clients have a ‘ship to’ address that is different from the billing address?

Yes. Customers will have the option of entering a delivery address separate from their billing address.

Can my customers upload their previously designed collateral?

Yes. Customers can upload their previously designed collateral by selecting the corresponding product type and attributes that best describe their finished project. By selecting upload from that same page they will be instructed how to complete the process.

Are customers required to create an account on the site in order to checkout?

No. Customers are able to order products and checkout without creating an account. This is commonly referred to guest or anonymous checkout.  

Will my customers have their own user account?

Customer are able to create their own user account at anytime.

Can my customers save their designs and return to complete the order?

Customers that create accounts on your storefront can save their designs, update their designs and return to complete their order anytime.

Are customer payments processed securely?

PrintSites ensures secure processing and certification of online payments through GlobalSign SSL. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides security and data integrity for communications over Internet networks.

Can customers track their order progress?

Your customers will receive an email notification when their order has been placed, and another email notification when their order has been shipped.

Can I change my website design and layout at any time?

Yes. You can alter your website design or make any updates/changes at any time.

What shipping methods are supported?
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Local Pickup
What payment gateways are supported?
  • Stripe
  • Paypal Pro