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Did You Know?

By creating an effective FAQ’s page, you can increase your online sales, satisfy your customer needs and boost your website’s Google presence.

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PrintSites FAQ AddOn+


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When you have been in business for a while, you become accustomed to the standard questions your customer ask. You have also created a habit of replying with the same response. A FAQ page, if done correctly, will not only save you and your employees time, but will also make the buying decision clearer for your customer.


Not every site needs a FAQ page, however, if you offer products or services, having a FAQ page is a must as it builds trust with your customers. They are also an integral part of great navigation and are just as important to higher page ranks when searched on the web. 


Here are some tips on creating a valuable FAQ page:

  • Your content needs a distinct focus. This page should not be a dumping ground where you try to answer every random question. (Simplicity is key.)
  • Write your responses to your questions in a style that is easy to scan and deliver clear direction. (The answer should not incite more questions from the customer.)
  • Show and share your expertise. The more you inform your customers, the more confident they are about your business. (Builds Credibility)
  • You can use this page to subtly sell. If done correctly you not only provide answers to a concern, but also point out another solution/product that will eliminate that concern. (Showcase the possibilities)
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