Executive Team

David Kizer | CFO / COO

David Kizer CFO / COO

33 years of experience in Finance and Operations Management

A graduate of Western Michigan University

How long have you been CFO / COO of PrintSites and why did you join?

I joined PrintSites in January of 2018 as part of the management reorganization. I was asked to join by the new CEO Greg Ramfos who I have a very long history with in starting companies and growing them. I saw great opportunities with PrintSites right away as they had a solid foundation, a great company team and great reputation in the industry. With the right direction and management, the company is poised to become a market leader in the industry.

What do you love about your job?

I love the team and the company’s potential in the market. The team is very hard working and has a genuine devotion to the company and affection for our customers. The company’s potential in the market is very exciting with a product that is a solid competitor with current alternatives but with significant room for very material and substantive improvements which we are rapidly bringing to the market. With these coming improvements we can easily see our product setting a new standard in the industry and we plan on continually pushing the envelope which will add more value to our customers regularly.

What sets PrintSites apart from other eCommerce sites?

We are customer focused to the extreme. We want each of our customers to feel that we are their own personal IT department, taking their concerns and direction very seriously and implementing the changes and value-added features they need to run their businesses effectively. We understand that our success is directly tied to our customer’s success and we view the relationship as a genuine partnership.

Roger Minton | CTO

Roger Minton V.P. of Technology

15 years of experience in IT and Software Development

Part Time Professional Santa Claus

How long have you been Senior VP of Technology of PrintSites and why did you join?

I joined PrintSites in March of 2018 when CEO Greg Ramfos and CFO/COO David Kizer asked me to join. Working with both of these gentlemen in the past, I understood there was an opportunity at PrintSites. PrintSites has some great opportunities to become a leader in the market and I am glad that I can be along for the ride.

What do you love about your job?

Given that I have worked with a few of the Senior Management team members in the past, that is always a great plus. The team here is so dedicated to our company and it’s offerings. Unlike other jobs where you show up, do some work and leave, PrintSites offers the ability to challenge me on all levels of my skill set. How often do you get to set foot into an industry and create a new standard for a product offering? Not very often are we able to do this, and here I am willing to step up to that challenge.

What sets PrintSites apart from other eCommerce sites?

PrintSites is way more than just an ecommerce website. We are building a suite of tools in order to run a printing business. With this in mind, our software development strategies are different from other software products in our space. We are not tackling just one problem, but all the problems. As a Software Architect I want to hear from our customers and my goal is to make a product that enhances their quality of life, and dare I say it, Fun to use.

Corey Puklus | V.P. Sales

Corey Puklus V.P. of Sales

20+ Years of Sales, Finance, and Marketing experience

I love sales in general. I love working with people.

How long have you been the VP of Sales for PrintSites?

I have been at PrintSites almost from the very beginning. In June of 2009, I was brought on board to help launch sales. Originally, I was in the corporate banking world. I spent about 14 years working in Global Vendor Finance. It was a really big jump to move from Corporate America to what was, at the time, a small start-up company, but I wanted the challenge. I saw that PrintSites could be something great, and I wanted to be a part of it. I found it appealing to try to build something from the ground up.

What do you love about your job?

I love sales in general. I love working with people. Learning about our customers and their business goals is something that I enjoy. The challenges that they face and how our service could help them is important to me.

What sets PrintSites apart from other eCommerce sites?

That is a two-part response. First, we have a great platform. When I conduct demonstrations, I get great feedback from prospective customers. That positive feedback reinforces that belief. Even if it does not meet their specific needs at this time, they can see we are building something great.
Secondly, it is our customer support team. Hands down! You have to have great support to go along with a great product, and they go above and beyond the call of duty every single time to ensure that our customers have a positive user experience. Because there is no term commitment with our service, we have to earn our customers’ business every single day. It shows too. Our customers have said that they appreciate the level of support that they receive here at PrintSites and that they haven’t found it anywhere else. You have to have great support to go along with a great product.

Mark Losey | V.P. Product development

Mark Losey V.P. of Product Development

20+ Years of product and technology strategy experience

I love working with technology and people

How long have you been the VP of Product Development for PrintSites and why did you join the company?

PrintSites has been my passion for over 5 years. As PrintSites grew and acquired Enterprise level customers, I was hired to guide the overall product and technology strategy enabling the successful launch and operation of a highly scalable web to print eCommerce platform supporting Enterprise level commerce and traffic.

What do you love about your job?

My entire career has been focused on technology and people. At PrintSites, the people are the best part of coming to work. From our customers to our highly skilled and dedicated staff, I am assured every day that I will get the opportunity to be challenged and produce high quality outcomes.

What sets PrintSites apart from other eCommerce platforms?

Our dedication to delivering innovative technology solutions to our customers is only outshined by our laser focus on supporting our customers through every aspect of their eCommerce journey. Using a customer first approach, constant customer feedback and consistent analysis of our customers experiences, PrintSites platform continues to improve and innovate.