FSI International Convention

Pilot Customer Satisfaction

Sue Lara and Beatriz Seifert of Sir Speedy Pleasantville NY loving their new PrintSites Storefront and digital marketing plan .. this is a testament to the hard work from our technology teams as well as our digital ninjas working tirelessly to customize the site to the content strategy and clients wants and needs , all our people ARE making a difference !

Looking Sharp

Unveiling some of our new offerings around Digital Marketing, and Strategic Advisory Services to help our FSI customers insure a successful launch and growth plan .. leads and sales will ultimately help make sure PrintSites remains a vital part of their operation and growth for years to come..

We Have a Winner!

Mike LeVangie – Sir Speedy Orlando was the winner of the Free One Year Subscription of our service!

The Pearl

A neat little gem up-river worth checking out , difficult to describe what the architects have accomplished (retro 30s meets the Industrial Age with modern vibe? – not sure but Hotel Emma and the Sternewirth lounge is completely different in a strange, good way) … great to hang with David Conrad from HP!

And Finally: PIP Alaska Ready for Lift Off!

We had a great meeting with Dana and others from the PIP Alaska location, We been working with them for last several months, virtually, on a detailed content strategy and marketing plan that will boost their rankings and ultimately dominate Alaska search for Print. Ahead of that we have already done some preliminary citation work / listings management for the domain name we will be using, as well as some link building to get an immediate boost when we launch .. we are in the final QA phases to get them launched! Another great example of teamwork and pride, let’s keep it rocking!

New Web to Print Storefront Platform Press Release!

New Platform Makes Printing Easy for Businesses Across the Country

Flint-Based PrintSites.com Rolls Out Reinvented Software to Meet Evolving Needs

FLINT, MICH.PrintSites.com, a web-to-print eCommerce solution provider based in Flint, Mich., recently introduced Apollo, a new, high-performance platform to support the growing technological needs of the print industry. The scalable system makes it easy for corporations, small businesses, and freelancers to meet the needs of their customers.

The idea, according to Corey Puklus, VP of Sales at PrintSites, is to help customers sell more, regardless of product type or print process. The new eCommerce tool makes that easy for businesses across the country by enabling everything to be managed right from the cloud.

We listened to our customers and designed Apollo specifically to assist all of them, from major print operations to individual graphic designers, with a growing list of printing needs, , said Puklus.   The scalable platform can grow and adapt alongside a business to meet the ever-changing needs of the print industry. And everything can be done from the cloud, which means it can be managed from anywhere in the country.

The platform’s broad support for print service providers, distributors, wide-format shops, enterprises, graphic designers, and franchise networks parallels the convergence that is happening in the printing industry as companies augment their core capabilities with new technologies and applications.

Apollo is PrintSites’ largest platform upgrade to date, with a keen focus on improving performance, stability, usability, and customer experience. Along with those foundational goals, Apollo was designed with many cost-effective features – making the process easy and affordable for all customers. It also includes services that support a printer’s operations above and beyond eCommerce, such as customer-relationship management, order management, dynamic project estimates and quoting. Support for custom promotional products will also be available this year. 

PrintSites made significant improvements to ensure that Apollo serves ‘both sides of the fence:’ Print Service Providers (PSP) and distributors. In addition, the team added features designed to make it work equally well for the sign industry. 

There are several gaps in web-to-print software across the board and Printsites’ strategic roadmap fills those gaps in the marketplace. The PrintSites vision paves the way with a specific outline of enhancements that will serve customers beyond print-commerce. Several software add-ons will both enhance the platform and serve as standalone products: multi-page product support, promotional products, EDDM, MIS integrations, accounting software integrations, proof management and more.

PrintSites’ is also working with partners from top industry hardware suppliers for direct integration and software distribution.

The growth we’ve experienced over the past year has been tremendous, and it’s largely due to our team’s constant commitment to identifying innovative solutions for our customers,    said Greg Ramfos, CEO at PrintSites.   We want to make it easy for individuals and businesses to meet their printing needs – and we’re proud to say that the team in Flint is making that happen. 

In addition to Apollo, PrintSites’ On-Line Print (OLP) technology is utilized by more than 4,700 The UPS Stores across the country to assist customers with their printing needs. With an influx of new talent driving it forward, the company is now rolling out an improved On-Line Print (OLP) e-commerce platform with state-of-art functionality.

To learn more about the printing solutions that PrintSites offers, please visit PrintSites.com.

Management Principles by Greg

Our CEO, Greg Ramfos, shared his key to success in the business world following his “Management Principles” which includes “There is NOTHING we can’t do. It’s a matter of drive, passion, and desire to make it happen”

Greg shared his story Friday as part of the local Skypoint Ventures Flint Powers students and 100K Kids program. He explained to the students his role as CEO of ISource Worldwide, software development company, that created the cloud-based web-to-print service PrintSites, with the UPS Store’s 4,000 retail locations as PrintSites largest customer. Greg told students he worked hard to get where he is today and associated himself with people who had similar ambitions.

“Write your goals down and track them often. Each day you must have a task list of daily goals” Greg told the group.
He noted, “When you screw up, FALL ON YOUR SWORD! Making excuses just makes it worse”

Greg shared another wise advice with the young students saying “Humility will never harm you, Arrogance will NEVER serve you well”.

We Are PrintSites™

It has come to our attention that there is a new eCommerce Web-to-Print, eCommerce company launching at GraphExpo this year called “Global PrintSites.” This is not us.

Who We Are: PrintSites™ is a modern, Web-to-Print, eCommerce solution, proudly developed in Michigan by a team of passionate innovators. Since 2008, our mission has been to provide a comprehensive Web-to-Print solution that delivers a world class experience for both the storefront owners and the customers they do business with.

What We Do: PrintSites™ Web-to-Print solution marries the world of traditional print with the ever-changing world of technology. By developing the most modern, feature rich, and low-cost solution, we feel that we are doing our part in helping small businesses across the country compete against the growing pressure from online giants.

What We Offer: PrintSites™ Web-To-Print solution allows traditional print service providers, print brokers, and graphic designers to compete in the world of eCommerce.



It’s the One-Stop-Shop – Your PrintSites storefront does it all! From Customer Portals to SEO to Source Management to shipping, manage your clients’ orders from beginning to end on one platform. Want to give PrintSites a spin? Here are five reasons why you should start today!


1. Personalized Service – We’ve all been there. You’ve had an issue with a product and now you have to call…Customer Support. You feel the headache coming on before you even start the three-hour phone call with the man with the heavy accent at the other end of the line, and that’s if you’re lucky that someone has picked up at all. With PrintSites, all that stress and worry is gone! Proudly located in Michigan, our Live Chat Customer Support team is always ready to help you. Both online and over the phone, our representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 9 PM (EST). Their focus will be on the details with a commitment to accuracy, quality, and accountability to ensure the success of every endeavor. This passion and the relentless pursuit of customer success is why we have thousands of storefront customers that trust PrintSites with their online business.

2. Customer Portals – Have special VIP clients? Create a one-of-a-kind showroom for them that they can access 24/7. The streamlined ordering experience will allow you to offer special marketing collateral and pricing that this specific to each company and brand. A customer portal gives your customers direct access to their marketing collateral anytime, which gives them a greater sense of involvement, ownership, and brand control – solidifying your printing and business relationship.

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization…three little words that mean so much to the success of your website and business! Each PrintSites storefront comes fully optimized right out of the gate, giving your website the chance it needs to be seen by potential customers as soon as you’re ready to go live. And let’s not forget about PrintSites SEOPlus. SEOPlus is our cost-effective marketing strategy that allows you to target people who are specifically looking for your products and services. Watch as you save money and gain site traffic and sales!

4. Source Management – Juggling multiple source providers can leave you all tangled up and reduce productivity. Our built-in source management system makes working with other providers a breeze. Enter the source’s mailing address, match it with the products and components, and watch your storefront calculate the shipping costs! Enable SourceConnect AddOn, and an email notification will be sent to the source every time a customer orders a source-fulfilled product. You’re no longer the “middle man!”

5. White Glove Service – Want to have your web-to-print storefront, but don’t want to spend the time giving it that personal touch? Just want to continue developing your awesome products? Don’t worry; we’ll handle everything!

✔ Products – What are you offering?

✔ Prices – Give us the base pricing and we’ll do the calculations!

✔ Logos & Imagery – We’ll brand the site to match your brick ‘n’ mortar company.

✔ Call Center – Yes, we offer one-on-one customer interaction with all of the guests on your storefront.


Want more reasons to choose PrintSites? Give us a call and see how easy it is! 888-947-1301