About Us

iSourceWorldwide / PrintSites – A Byte of History

Our roots go deep – It all began in Fenton, Michigan, in 1957. The award winning and profitable Tri-County Times, a twice weekly newspaper, was conceived and founded by Richard Glenn Rockman Sr. For more than 50 years now, the Tri-County Times has been the newspaper of choice for 30,000+ households and has increased profits where most newspapers have either failed or experienced significant declines. Born out of the publishing roots and success of the Tri-County Times, Rockman & Sons Publishing was created in the 1980’s to design, print, and mail periodicals to associations, membership organizations, unions, and major manufacturers throughout the Midwest, including the Big Three automakers. Today, both companies sustain profitability and continue to maintain relevance in the marketplace.

Rich history… Progressive thinking – A decade after launching Rockman & Sons Publishing, a team of second-generation visionaries developed AlliedMedia (formerly Allied Mailing & Printing, Inc.) and iSource Interactive. The later was the foundation on which iSource Worldwide, Inc. was developed.

Realizing the significant impact the Internet was having on print and all forms of digital media, iSourceWorldwide (ISW) and AlliedMedia set out to provide a comprehensive approach to combining technology with traditional and non-traditional media. This approach proved to be an immediate success. Within just a few short years, these companies were leveraging their vision and abilities to assist companies around the country with both their online and traditional media needs. From creating secure and innovative web applications to developing and implementing proprietary mail and online voting processes for large membership driven organizations nationwide, AlliedMedia and ISW continue to apply progressive technology empowering businesses to maintain their relevance in the marketplace.

The Emergence of PrintSites® – With a deep heritage in the print and media industry, and now armed with passion-based knowledge and experience in software and web application development, we embarked upon creating PrintSites.

We absolutely love what we do! Since 2008, PrintSites has been creating new applications that better connect businesses to their customers so that they have a meaningful and relevant online experience. This is all delivered in a turnkey and affordable web-to-print solution. We combine years of experience with our talents and strengths to offer a comprehensive solution that creates relationships and drives revenue for our customers.

We also understand the importance of personalized service. That’s why from the very beginning, we provide our customers with a dedicated account team of specialists who will design and implement a solution that can meet your needs. In working with PrintSites, you’ll receive highly professional, coordinated support from your account team. Their focus will be on the details with a commitment to accuracy, quality, and accountability to ensure the success of every endeavor. This passion and the relentless pursuit of customer success is why we have thousands of storefront customers that trust PrintSites with their online business.