FENTON, MI – Jan 18, 2016 –

Looking to get started making your PrintSites Storefront the best it can be? We’ve collected a list of eCommerce best practices tailored for the unique needs of the web-to-print industry.






Great Product Photography

Customers connect with great-looking imagery. Investing in customized product photography and design can be an investment that pays dividends.

There are many resources for free, creative-commons licensed photos you can use in your product pages. Some examples include:

(Default PrintSites Storefronts come with dozens of ready-to-use product images across 8 matching themes.)




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Fill Out ‘Alt’ and ‘Title’ Tags on Images

When browsing a website, you can’t see one of the most important elements of product photography: the ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags.

Adding these tags to those great looking product images help those with RSS feeds, screen readers, or other assistive devices understand what the images represent even if they cannot visually see the image.

Plus, using these tags improves your results for Google and other search engines.








Install Google Analytics

Speaking of search rankings, installing Google Analytics or other analytics tracking service is essential to understanding the ROI of your marketing spend.

With just a few clicks, you can get weekly, daily, and monthly reports detailing users’ activity on your site as well as the profitability of your advertising investments. Oh, and it’s free.

Now you won’t have to guess which half of your advertising is wasted!







Optimize Images for the Web

One of the reports Google provides is a rating of your website’s speed. Faster websites keep users longer and result in more sales.

Graphics programs like Photoshop often output images at much higher resolution (and thus file size) than anyone needs for a website.

Photoshop provides many great options for lossless (or lossey) compression out of the box. Reducing image sizes is only really noticed in the improved load time of your site.

If you don’t have access to a graphics program like Photoshop, there are many great free image optimization programs available online.

(Reducing file size is an essential step, but PrintSites uses some developer-magic to make your site as fast as possible.)






Simplify Product Selection

Who likes picking dinner at a restaurant with a menu the length of the Moby Dick?

Don’t let getting to check-out be your customers’ white whale.

Simplify your product offering by narrowing products down into more sensible products. Rather than having dozens of sizes, papers, and run sizes for “post cards,” create three different postcard products.

It’s much easier to customers to reason about “small postcards” vs. “jumbo postcards.” Customers can spend more time and mental energy selecting a higher-profit substrate and finish options rather than deciding between a dozen different product sizes.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Have other suggestions or questions about PrintSites web-to-print Storefront? Email support@printsites.com.