Management Principles by Greg

Our CEO, Greg Ramfos, shared his key to success in the business world following his “Management Principles” which includes “There is NOTHING we can’t do. It’s a matter of drive, passion, and desire to make it happen”

Greg shared his story Friday as part of the local Skypoint Ventures Flint Powers students and 100K Kids program. He explained to the students his role as CEO of ISource Worldwide, software development company, that created the cloud-based web-to-print service PrintSites, with the UPS Store’s 4,000 retail locations as PrintSites largest customer. Greg told students he worked hard to get where he is today and associated himself with people who had similar ambitions.

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“Write your goals down and track them often. Each day you must have a task list of daily goals” Greg told the group.
He noted, “When you screw up, FALL ON YOUR SWORD! Making excuses just makes it worse”

Greg shared another wise advice with the young students saying “Humility will never harm you, Arrogance will NEVER serve you well”.

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