FSI International Convention

Pilot Customer Satisfaction

Sue Lara and Beatriz Seifert of Sir Speedy Pleasantville NY loving their new PrintSites Storefront and digital marketing plan .. this is a testament to the hard work from our technology teams as well as our digital ninjas working tirelessly to customize the site to the content strategy and clients wants and needs , all our people ARE making a difference !

Customer Satisfaction

Looking Sharp

Unveiling some of our new offerings around Digital Marketing, and Strategic Advisory Services to help our FSI customers insure a successful launch and growth plan .. leads and sales will ultimately help make sure PrintSites remains a vital part of their operation and growth for years to come.

Looking Sharp

We Have a Winner!

Mike LeVangie – Sir Speedy Orlando was the winner of the Free One Year Subscription of our service!

We have a winner!

The Pearl

A neat little gem up-river worth checking out , difficult to describe what the architects have accomplished (retro 30s meets the Industrial Age with modern vibe? – not sure but Hotel Emma and the Sternewirth lounge is completely different in a strange, good way) … great to hang with David Conrad from HP!

The Pearl

And Finally: PIP Alaska Ready for Lift Off!

We had a great meeting with Dana and others from the PIP Alaska location, We been working with them for last several months, virtually, on a detailed content strategy and marketing plan that will boost their rankings and ultimately dominate Alaska search for Print. Ahead of that we have already done some preliminary citation work / listings management for the domain name we will be using, as well as some link building to get an immediate boost when we launch .. we are in the final QA phases to get them launched! Another great example of teamwork and pride, let’s keep it rocking!

PIP Alaska